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Key Moments in Doctor Who History

1962 - The BBC Decide to create a science fiction series

1963 - Sydney Newman comes up with the idea for "Doctor Who"

November 23, 1963 - The day after the assassination of JFK, the first episode of Doctor Who is broadcast on BBC1

December 21, 1963 - The first appearance of the Daleks. The show became very popular.

November 21, 1964 - The Daleks return in an invasion of Earth. 

December 26, 1964 - The Doctor's Granddaughter Susan becomes the first companion to leave the show

October 9, 1965 - Mission to the Unknown becomes the only episode without the Doctor in it. 

October 8, 1966  - The first appearance of the Cybermen.

October 29, 1966 - After becoming ill, the First Doctor, William Hartnell leaves the program and regenerates into Patrick Troughton.

November 5, 1966 - The first episode of the Second Doctor. The Daleks also return.

November 11, 1967 - The first appearance of the Ice Warriors.

June 21, 1969 - The tenth episode of "the War Games" is broadcast as Patrick Troughton leaves the role of the Doctor. This is the last black and white episode.

January 3, 1970 - Spearhead from Space is the first colour episode and the first with the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee. This is the only classic Doctor Who episode to be done 100% on film. This episode is the first appearance of the Autons.

January 2, 1971 - Terror of the Autons is the first appearance of the Master, Jo Grant and scares lots of children.

December 30, 1972 - The Three Doctors reunites the first three Doctors and celebrates the show's tenth anniversary.

December 15, 1973 - With the Time Warrior the final season for the Third Doctor begins. We also see for the first time Sarah-Jane Smith and the Sontarrans.

June 8, 1974 - Jon Pertwee regenerates into Tom Baker and the long era of the Fourth Doctor begins.

December 28, 1974 - Tom Baker's first episode "Robot."

March 8, 1975 - The creation of the Daleks is explained in "Genesis of the Daleks" 

September 2, 1978 - The first season with one arch, the Key to Time begins. We are also introduced to a time lady companion for the Doctor.

August 30, 1980 - The Leisure Hive goes out as the first episode produced by John Nathan-Turner. He would remain producer until the show is canceled in 1989.

March 21, 1981 - The longest serving Doctor, Tom Baker, regenerates into Peter Davison the Fifth Doctor.

January 4, 1982 - The Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, has his first episode broadcast.

March 16, 1982 - Adric becomes the first long term companion of the Doctor to be killed. The credits are played without the music. The Cybermen return.

November 23, 1963 - The 20th Anniversary special, the Five Doctors, is first broadcast in the United States. Mr. Mendoza was very excited.

March 16, 1984 - The final episode of the Fifth Doctor (and probably the greatest episode ever) is broadcast. The Sixth Doctor takes over.

March 22, 1984 - The Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, has his first episode (possibly the worst episode ever) broadcast.

February 16, 1985 - The Second Doctor makes one final appearance with the Sixth Doctor in "the Two Doctors"