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1. Susan (aka Susan Foreman the Unearthly Child)

1963 - 1964 played by Carol Ann Ford

An Unearthly Child to The Dalek Invasion of Earth (and the Five Doctors) 

She was known as the granddaughter to the Doctor. She stayed on earth in 2164 to marry a human. 

2 + 3. Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterton

1963 - 1965 played by Jacqueline Hill and William Russell

From An Unearthly Child to The Chase 

They were school teachers that followed Susan home and stumbled into the TARDIS. All they wanted to do was return home but they did enjoy the traveling in time and space. 

4. Vicki

1964 - 1965 played by Maureen O'Brien

The Rescue to The Myth Makers

She was orphaned and the Doctor found her a good replacement for Susan. 

5. Steven Taylor

1965 - 1966 played by Peter Purves

The Chase to The Savages

He stows away on the TARDIS and eventually leaves to lead a group of savages. 

6. Katarina

1965 played by Adrienne Hill

The Myth Makers to The Daleks Master Plan

Katarina was the first companion killed after appearing in only 2 stories. 

7. Sara Kingdom

1965 - 1966 played by Jean Marsh

The Daleks Master Plan

She was a 41st century security officer who aged to death during her one story. 

8.Dodo Chaplet (aka Dorothea)

1966 played by Jackie Lane

The Massacre to the War Machines

She is a young happy French girl. 

9. Polly

1966-67 played by Anneke Wills

The War Machines to The Faceless Ones

A hip secretary meets the Doctor. 

10. Ben Jackson

1966 - 67 played by Michael Craze

The War Machines to The Faceless Ones

A seaman that is a lifelong partner of Polly.

11. Jaime McCrimmon

1967-69 played by Frazer Hines

The Massacre to the War Games (and the Five and Two Doctors)

A piper of the Clan McLaren who lived in the 18th century Scotland.

12. Victoria Waterfield

1967-68 played by Deborah Watling

Evil of hte Daleks to Fury from the Deep

A girl of Victorian England whose father experimented in time travel.

13. Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (Friend)

1968 - 2008 played by Nicholas Courtney

On and Off : The Web of Fear to Battlefield (and Sarah Jane Adventures)

The Doctor's oldest and longest serving friend. He is at the head of UNIT although we see him progress in life.

14. Zoe Herriot

1968-69 played by Wendy Padbury

The Wheel in Space to the War Games (and the Five Doctors)

A 21st century girl who lived on a Wheel in Space and met the Doctor while fighting Cybermen. 

15. Sergeant Benton (Friend)

1968-75 played by John Levene

The Invasion to The Android Invasion (on and off)

Defended the earth many times as a loyal and relaible member of UNIT.  

16. Liz Shaw

1970 played by Caroline John

Spearhead in Space to Inferno (and the Five Doctors)

A scientist assigned to the Doctor by UNIT who proves almost too clever. 

17. Jo Grant

1971-73 played by Katy Manning

Terror of the Autons to the Green Death (and Sarah Jane Adventures)

A dizzy girl of the 70's who proves a great friend and assistant to the Doctor.

18. Mike Yates (Friend)

1971-74 played by RIchard Franklin

Terror of the Autons to the Planet of the Spiders (and The Five Doctors)

Another member of UNIT who's loyality and focus shifted throught his tenure. 

19. Sarah Jane Smith

1974 - 2011 played by Elisabeth Sladen

Time Warrior to the Hand of Fear (and The Five Doctors, K9 and Company, School Reunion, Stolen Earth, End of Time, Sarah Jane Adventures)

The Doctor's best friend. She was a reporter but soon became a traveler and later a defender of earth with her own crew.