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EP # Episode Title Rank Score Mendoza's Rank (1-10)
156 Doctor Who : The Movie 135 64.36% 8

Only one episode for the eighth Doctor. After 7 years off the air, Doctor Who came back as this TV special. It would be another 9 years until Doctor Who would return and thankfully it has been back ever since. This Doctor did perform in a number of audio adventures. I was lucky enough to meet Paul McGann and the cast at the premier at the director's guild in Los Angeles (it was an American (FOX) co-production). They invited all of the fans in to watch, much to our surprise, and they fed us. I sat next to John Levene (Sgt. Benton) and got to see this before it was broadcast. Although it is not the greatest episode of all time, it was exciting to see Doctor Who back.

Took this picture of Paul McGann at Gallifrey 15.