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Due June 1st – No exceptions
If you get a response 60 e.c. points (must do soon to get a response by June 7th to change grade). 25 pts for parent letter w/video proof
Hand in : Printed “perfect” letter
»Envelope labeled the proper way (see wall example)
»Nice Fold
»Stamp on the envelope
»Don’t stick the envelope (I need to see the letter)
»I will send it for you
»If you want you can write it on google docs and share it with me before you print it. I will help fix it so you get it perfect before printing. Turn in a form.
»You get two chances to get it right on paper. Google I will continue to help a reasonable number of times.
»I don’t help with stamps or envelopes or printing. You get the addresses off the internet.
»NOW is the time to ask questions about what issues should be sent to which people. (For all your educational needs)