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The story of Mr. Summe's tattoo:
Banning High School was in trouble. We were on the state's program improvement list. No school had ever left program improvement status. In comes Mr. Summe in 2005 as Principal. By 2006 we were close to being the first school to leave the PI list. At a test taking pep assembly, Mr. Summe challenged the students to do well and promised that if they did it (got off the list) he would get a tattoo. Of course the brilliant students of Banning got off the list.

I took it upon myself the next year when we were removed from the list to make sure he kept his promise. They threw a party to celebrate and at the party, Mr Summe (who had now left the school) told me I could arrange something special for the tattoo. I tried arranging it but he didn't return my emails. I declared him a fraud and gave up on the project.

Yesterday (March 6, 2008) Mr. Summe walked into my classroom and showed me that he did in fact get the tattoo. I take back my statement that he is a fraud (he just doesn't return all of his emails).

- Mr.Mendoza

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